McSport with its rich experience in the field, have developed well studied strategies to meet the goals of professional clubs all around the globe.

Thanks to our knowledge of the football community and our excellent contacts, we can establish a solid plan with competitive friendly matches, tournaments, and preparations in perfect conditions.

We organize mid and pre-season camps in different locations, with guaranteed friendlies with all level Clubs.

Our goal is to offer you the best propositions and options according to your plans. That includes organizing ‘tournaments’ , as well as ‘gala matches’ in order to represent your country, region, or culture, all which will be covered by media from all over the world.

Football is without a doubt the most popular sport across the world. And naturally, popular football clubs are big brands, especially the likes of England and Spanish clubs. Like major brands in various industries, these brands have their own style of functioning.

the most important role in a football club like a corporate house is that of the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is the one who oversees the functioning of the organization, communicating with people from various departments. In a football club, one of the chief activities of the CEO is negotiating the best preparition at mid and pre-season inside friendlies and training camp with FIFA Match licensed.

The importance and the role of the football manager is what differentiates football clubs from corporate houses. The manager is one of the most powerful and influential figures in the club. Rarely does a company have any employee lower than the CEO having such an influence over the running of the firm.

The manager of the football club is the one responsible for the results on the pitch. His work is to ensure that the targets given to him are met by the end of the season. He works closely with the CEO in trying to get best friendlies and preparation to the cometition. And for a manager, two of the most important individuals are the Director of Football and the Logistics Manager.

We set goals, gather the needed data and customize the service according to the event in question, to successfully deliver the service, at its finest, to you.