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Football tourism, as a fast growing sector, came along with considerable impacts on the countries’s economic, social, and cultural aspects all together.

McSport is here as an intermediate to help you promote your hotel, city, region, or even your country, by organizing high quality.

One of our many goals is to establish a win-win kind of relationship between the parties involved in the tournaments, training camps and matches, let alone the fact that the team are enjoying their stay in your hotel, accomplishing trainings as scheduled, and making good use of their free time and location by detoxing with photography shooting.

In the other hand, your brand image is instantly promoted on an international level among the other teams.

Inability to extend tourism in four seasons and the squeeze of economic activities adhered to tourism in a period changing through April – October months called as « tourism season » are the common problems of many tourism regions and investors. « Sustainable Tourism » activities for tourism investors to benefit from investments in tourism through the whole year have put a smile on tourism investors’ faces. Football tourism is a product of such activities. “Football tourism”, one of the branches of alternative tourism and expected to be the gateway for other tourism methods, used to energize the winter season titled « dead season” in tourism will be examined with face to face interviews along with the literature by this study.

Football, which is a branch of sport that is pursued by an increasing number of people in the world and in Turkey, is a big industry besides being an important mass sport. The fact that football is such an important sport event that draws the attention of crowds is the reason for many sectors, including tourism, to be interested in football and in revenues obtained from football.

Football is an important tourism event because of the spectators arriving to watch the organizations and a factor that vitalizes tourism sector with the camps. Other than by football teams, occupancy rates of accommodation facilities are also effected by press members who visit the camp areas to view the teams at least for once or to make news and by spectators who come to watch the matches or the training sessions.

Football tournaments that are organized during the periods when football teams arrive and the world famous teams which are invited to tournaments both make great contributions to the promotion of the region where the football teams are hosted and draw football teams to the region. Also the spectators who wish to watch the teams they support and the press members visit the region as well. Therefore, cooperating with the football federation and the football teams in the local leagues in order to organize tournaments in places where football camps are located will be useful in ensuring that more teams have their camps in these regions.

As a result it is obvious that the football teams have made positive contributions to the full capacity and income for the tourism hotel investments.