Today, the marketing techniques dedicated to promote brands are multiplying by the day, getting more innovative and most of all creative, Sports are one of them, it’s an emerging way to create lines of partnerships between the brands them self’s and right holders.

Sports evoke a lifelong and unrivalled passion that unites all people regardless of culture, gender, generation or status. It is always what drives us. Our aim is to connect fans and consumers to the greatest sports events by delivering unmatched event experiences, creating easy access to engaging content and building inclusive communities.

Founded in 2012, but with roots going back to 2016, McSport is one of the few companies that offers everything an official organizer licensed and sponsoring partner needs to be successful – be it innovative digital solutions, world-class event operations, international media rights distribution, sponsorship sales and activations or cutting-edge media production. Indeed, no other in the industry can equal our experience when it comes to serving international sports federations.

McSport‘s job is to make sure your brand is in the right place, at the right time to leverage the passion, fans have for sports, in the ultimate goal of placing the brand at the heart of the passionate relationship created between each major sports right holder and their fans.

Build up partnerships that consist on credibility and reliability for brands is our main concern, along with the aim of ensuring that each stakeholder achieves their corporate, commercial and marketing objectives.

Our flexible and market driven approach ensures our clients are paired with the right properties to hit their settled goals and target audience. Mcsport brings its considerable experience and extensive portfolio of sport rights clients to the negotiating table and manage rights and assets with an unbeatable understanding of every major global property at global levels. And then we bring it to life, using our creativity to enter into a win win partnership.

Working hand-in-hand with McSport, we ensure brands reach, engage and monetise audiences through creative content and experiences.

Business Intelligence: continuous collection, central storage and systematic dissemination of research data to foster insights-based decision making for rights acquisition and brand solutions.

International Sales: niche consulting based on expertise and access to diverse offerings, rather than individual property limitations, results in bespoke packages that align with targeted brand objectives.

Global Partnerships: strategies and activation initiatives that leverage the world’s biggest sporting events to achieve measurable business ROI.

The strength of our global network allows our customers to have dedicated teams on each continent. Direct knowledge of local markets, cultures and habits is at the heart of our commitment.