Description du projet

This was the first of the two preparation matches between the two teams.

The team led by José Manuel Botana came out without any complexes against the Paraguayans, a team that already qualified for the FIFA World Cup this year.

In fact, it was the Panamanians who, during much of the first period, led the most danger to the opposite goal, having little fortune because they could not open the scoring.

A couple of defensive inattentions were the ones that originated, during the last two minutes of the game, the first two goals for the local team, both scored by Jorge Espinoza.

A few seconds after finishing the first half, Michael De León managed to discount for Panama.

The second stage was more even than the first to the point that for just over ten minutes, the result remained intact.

Paraguay scored its third goal just off the meridian of the second half through Arnaldo Báez.

The Panamanian team was not daunted and continued to insist, trying to close the gap and that was how Abdiel Castrellón got the second goal for Botana’s team.

Time ran its course and it was Paraguay that achieved a fourth goal, this time through Alan Rojas, five minutes from the end.

Final whistle and the match ends with a Paraguayan victory.

Second encounter
Both teams will meet again on Sunday from eleven in the morning, local time (nine in the morning in Panama).

Paraguay (4): Giovanni González, Gabriel Ayala (C) Enmanuel Ayala, Francisco Martínez and Jorge Espinoza.
DT: Carlos Chilavert.

They alternated: Alex López, Rodolfo Román, Arnaldo Báez, Damián Mareco, Hugo Martínez and Alan Rojas.

Panama (2): Jorge Hernández; Ruman Millord, Edgar Rivas (C), Michel De León and Aquiles Campos.
DT: José Botana.

They alternated: Carlos Batista, Abdiel Castrellón, Alfonso Morales, Luis Vázquez, Abdiel Ortiz, José Caballero and Jaime Peñaloza.

Match summary
18 ’54” and 19 ’38” Jorge Espinoza, 29 ’58” Arnaldo Báez and 34 ’25’ Alan Rojas (PAR)
19 ’24” Michel De León and 31 ’02” Abdiel Castrellón (PAN).

Rodolfo Román and Gabriel Ayala (PAR)
Carlos Batista and Michel De León (PAN).