#Attract your image internationally

McSport is a company that operates in various fields of sport. McSport activities span from strategy to concept/brand creation, from project planning to promotion/content creation and event/venue/supply management, from human resources to design/print/ branding production and web development/management.

is always focused on delivering a premiere, professional and world class service to our clients, our participants, and the communities that we work with. We are fortunate to work with the leading professionals in their industries, from graphic design; to traffic plans; to event public relations, our team is ready to fulfill your needs and goals.

We assist in the world-wide placement of your brand. With our services you are able to build a positive image in all audiovisual media. You can profit from a stronger and more focused tv presence. With a specially commissioned tv production both the content and images can be influenced – and so your desired message conveyed. Through our professional international tv distribution we place your brand in targeted tv stations.

Our mission is to deliver products and services that enrich the experience of all sport-lovers. Our ability to fulfill this mission is founded on the technological & industry expertise we apply in creating our products.

We are a highly skilled, professional event management company that excels at projects ranging from complicated, international, high profile special events, to local community events that deliver an exceptional experience for our clients and participants alike.

We bring expertise in event marketing, sponsorship sales and corporate sponsor fulfillment that is unparalleled in our market. We are experts in pulling together the correct team to deliver a goal based, image conscious, and overall successful special event.

When you work with McSport you will experience a team who is attuned to your goals and objectives and brings a wide range of services to benefit your project. From managing some of the largest youth’s tournament national teams; to a turn-around of a historical Leagues as Spanish or England event in the most competitive market in the Europe; to helping secure and then manage the largest sporting and humanitarian event in the world in 2015, our expertise will be put to work for you.

We have the skills, the background and the knowledge to successfully and profitably manage your event, of any size, scale and scope you may imagine. That is why you will hire us.


Contemporary marketing strategy that identifies individuals with a strong influence over potential buyers and uses those individuals to promote a brand.

McSport will align your brand with an influencer that organically delivers your message directly to your target demographic. Unlike traditional advertising, our influencers will effectively connect your brand with millions of prospective customers.

These strategic partnerships generate positive brand perception through our extensive portfolio of athletes, chefs and celebrities. Our creative team will dig deep into your brand to make certain we implement an effective partnership with an influencer that delivers results. No matter the size of your company, we will assist you in finding and building relationships with these influencers that will maximize your message.

This same level of experience and dedication is used for each of our projects.


– To achieve the project’s stated goals

– To create a fun, memorable experience that will bring the athlete back time and again

– To create a professional atmosphere that helps you stand out

– To build an event into a community that perpetually grows and achieves our respective goals

Whether you are an athlete hosting a experience or a client entertaining key clients, we are your answer.


We provide international or market segmented tv distribution and targeted programme placement, in accordance with our clients’ needs and PR strategies. and many international sport federations are relying on our know-how and vast experience in the worldwide tv market with our contacts to more than 400 tv stations around the world. In order to have maximized exposure in media, we offer our clients international tv distribution of their programs.

On behalf of our clients we arrange all program licensing (licence agreements, music copyright clearance, purchase contracts, tv-sponsoring contracts etc) ensuring all legal requirements particular to the tv industry are met.

We issue you with a tv broadcast report which gives extensive broadcast information. Our distribution report is thus a vital and empowering marketing tool for both event organizers and sponsors. Media values of broadcast programs are professionally assessed.

We collect date, time and duration of all broadcasts including technical ranges, also net ranges both worldwide and in single markets. We issue and update permanent tv reports (for organizers’ and sponsors’ use) and provide tv final reports.

We select appropriate tv stations in the appropriate markets for our clients and offer overviews and special analysis for all requested tv markets.

Additionally, McSport prepares special tv market overviews and individual analyses. If you want to obtain the latest information concerning the tv branch sports tv media distribution is the right contact person.


Event distribution facilitates a more efficient and higher level of cross-party communications. We develop unique and individually tailored distribution and production concepts for client’s needs. 

Event distribution controls the standard of the technical and creative components of television productions.

We write all technical requirements documents corresponding with the clients´ needs.

We organize, coordinate and control outside broadcast facilities, satellite play outs, supervise the entire TV production, and issue a final tv report.

Amongst many other clients, AbuDhabi Sport, Arriyadia Morocco, Belarus National Channel, BeIN Sports, Eurosport France, GOLtv Spain, has been our client for more than 8 years. On behalf of all our friendlies and tournaments we were co-ordinating and controlling all broadcast issues such as satellite feeds, tv transmissions, tv rights, tv technique, and offers in the audio visual field.

We provide all Technical & Creative Staff.

We organize all Outside Broadcast Facilities,

We manage SNG Uplink and Satellite booking service,

We offer Mobile & Studio Editing,

We provide Supermotion, Graphics Mobile, Live Slowmotion, LED and Cube Vidiwalls and Video/Sound/Light Equipment.