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Bahrain will take Thailand tomorrow, Tuesday, in a friendly football match.

The national team is conducting a training camp until the end of this month, ahead of the 2023 Asia Cup qualifiers which will be held in Malaysia.

Bahrain has been drawn in Group E, which includes also host country, Malaysia, in addition to Bangladesh and Turkmenistan.

The national team is scheduled to play Maynmar on Friday before taking on Thailand on May 31 in two other friendly matches.

Led by Portuguese coach Helio Sousa, the national team conducted training sessions over the past three days, supported by the technical team that includes first assistant coach Jose Carnero, second assistant coach Ahmed Isa and other staff.

Sousa has lined up 24 players to take part in the training camp-Abbas Ayyad, Jamal Rashid, Mohammed Abdulwahab, Ahmed Abdulla, Ahmed Boughmar, Mahdi Humaidan, Mohammed Adel, Omar Saber, Ammar Mirza, Sayyed Dhiya Said, Sayyed Shebber Alawi, Abdulla Al Hazza, Ali Haram, Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, Abdulla Youssef, Ammar Mohammed, Ibrahim Al Khattal, Mahdi Abduljabbar, Mahdi Abdullatif, Abdelwahab Al Malud, Amine bin Udai, Rashid Al Hooti, Sayyed Mohammed Jaffer and Waleed Hayyam.