Innovations change our daily lives. New ideas are the driving force behind the football industry to improve the comfort, safety and performance of players and referees. Learn more about video assistance, goal-line technology and electronic performance monitoring and evaluation systems

With the implementation of goal-line technology in 2012, the first obvious technological innovation arrived in football. New ideas are the driving force of the football industry for improving comfort, safety and performance aspects for the players and referees on the pitch.

FIFA’s Technological Innovations in Football department covers the process from identifying the needs of football players, developing international standards and implementing them in football, to the feasibility analysis of innovations.

The innovation process is initiated by the world of football. The needs of players, coaches, teams or competitions are the starting point of a process of research and improvement of the requirements and directives related to products, services and / or installations relating to football. Once technologies are gradually integrated into football or when feasibility studies show that innovations add value to the sport, FIFA seeks to set up a Quality Program to standardize the use of products and technologies.

McSport’s work on several innovation models and applications in the coming years to national teams and professional clubs.

Sport Platform

Management Football team :
Scouting, trainings, matchs, traveling…
Administration, logistics, liaison
Stats and analytic…



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McSport kids

We organize a camp week for kids and tournament per region

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OTT broadcast

OTT for sports is becoming increasingly attractive. There are growing investments in content acquisition that show how more and more companies are getting into the OTT game…

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Ticketing online

We are today able to present you the web solutions adapted to the creation of intranet private, the creation of e-commerce site, the creation of institutional website, the creation of business website, etc.

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A forum specially adapted for Club pro at FIFA EA and PES to find e-players and organize of tournaments and friendlies in PS4, XBOX and PC.

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Sports equipement for professional clubs and national teams, sponsors and international image development…

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