Training camps are one of McSPORT specialist services

Our organisation and management of world class Training Camps is geared towards providing peace of mind to our football and futsal clients. Whether it’s a pre-season programme, mid-season break or a pre-tournament training camp, we can help you select the right destination to provide the best suited, accommodation, facilities and venue for your resources.

McSPORT Training Camps not only focus on the physical training of your squad but are designed to improve camaraderie between players and staff. We understand the importance of team spirit and motivation to achieve success. 

Our Training Camps are concentrated on monitoring each player’s fitness, health and adaptation to the localised environment. This has particular importance for new signings to ensure they acclimatise to your specific training regime, the temperature, altitude and humidity within your club’s country.

We’ve forged partnerships with groups that have outstanding facilities throughout the UK, France, Holland, Spain, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Hungary and Morocco. Many of our venues are part of professional club setups and National Performance Centres.

Ensures a global organization of training camps or tournaments throughout the year. We offer services adapted to the needs of your team and your budget for an optimal preparation.

We offer preferential rates in our network of hotels, experienced in hosting professional teams

  • Destinations adapted to the requirements of your specifications. 
  • Hotels and sports centers of quality.
  • Facilities adapted to the demands of high level sport
  • Room services : massage room, private meals room…
  • Quality training grounds.
  • Coordination of your international transfers (flights, train).
  • Implementation of your local transport
  • Organization of extra-sportive activities.
  • Personalized accompaniment 24 / 24-7 / 7.

Examples of destinations: France, Morocco, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, UAE, Brazil