TV Rights

McSPORT disposes of a long standing experience in the commercialization of media rights to a wide range of events, football clubs and federations. With sport generating record audiences, we market the audiovisual rights of sports operators. McSPORT’s main focus is placed on the profitable sale and the power to push the worldwide distribution of these rights to TV stations and internet platforms. McSPORT’s worldwide network includes the essential deciders at the world leading sports content media expellers.


The unique combination of a fascinating portfolio of 100% exclusive and self-controlled events with an important selection of promising sponsorship opportunities in future markets, makes McSPORT one of the most interesting companies for brands active in the sports world.
McSPORT’s sponsorship services are harmonized with your company’s requirements. Our offers go from the simple visibility on media backdrops, over logo presence on perimeter boards to kit advertising or partnerships with federations.