Personality known as Dr. Youssef has worked in various roles in football during the last 10 years. he has provided advisory and consultancy services to football governing, and official referee’s some years. dr youssef is a serial entrepreneur having founded mcsport and co-founded sgm (mena) successful company in the last 5 years (fc barcelona, sevilla cf, bilbao, napoli, juventus…). he is currently developing a partnerships beetween european leagues and football association in african and asia. dr youssef holds manage the image management of famous personality in sports. it also intervenes regularly by consulting tv on multiple international channels.

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His skills : 

The Marketing and Promotion strategy: mobilisation and management of a full PR and marketing strategy, in-line with your events’ objectives, ensuring the visual image of your event, matches its’ conceptual objectives. Managing Press and Public Relations, Communications Campaigns, Sponsors and Partners search and agreements, and all Sales, Marketing, Media and Ticketing management

Project Management and realisation: McSPORT will organize each element of your event, including administration, project implementation, management, ticketing, reservation of facilities and venues, security, promoters, sponsors and partners and a full final and inclusive evaluation.


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